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10. Detailing

BS 4449:Specification for carbon steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete3 was revised in 2005 so that it became a complementary standard to BS EN 10080:Steel for the reinforcement of concrete4 and Normative Annex C of Eurocode 2. BS 8666:2005, Scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of Agha Steel Industries Defining QualityARCON 4449 E Bar G-500+ (BS 4449:2005) ARCON 706 Earthquake Resistance Rebar G-60 (ASTM A-706/A706M) Quality Controls; Quality Assurance Standards; Manufacturing Infrastructure. Manufacturing Plant; Manufacturing Machinery; Manufacturing Process; Future Expansion; Clientage & Distribution. Major Projects / Clients; Sales & Distribution Network


BS 29 :1976(1987) Specification for carbon steel forgings above 150 mm ruling section BS 65 :1988 Specification for vitrified clay pipes , fittings , joints and ducts BS 144 :1990 Wood preservation using coal tar creosotes BS 373 :1957(1986) Methods of testing small clear specimens of timber BS 4449-2005 500B Weldable reinforcing steel -- Shanghai BS 4449-2005 500B Weldable reinforcing steel. 500B is in the British standard BS 4449-2005 .The grade 500B covers steel delivered in the form of bars,coils products.The standard BS 4449-2005 contains provisions for three steel grades ,all of 500MPa characteristics yield strength ,but with different ductility characteristics.The three grades are B500A,B500B,B500C . BS 4449:2005 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete BS 4449:2005 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete - Weldable reinforcing steel - Bar, coil and decoiled product - Specification (AMD 17103) Publication Year 2005 Document Status Old version of document. Newer versions. Abstract Contains provisions for three steel grades, all of 500MPa characteristic yield strength, but with different

BS 4449:2005+A3:2016 - Techstreet

Amends and replaces BS 4449:2005. Amendment, March 2016. Amends and replaces BS 4449:2005+A2:2009 Product Details Published:03/31/2016 ISBN(s):9780580927157 Number of Pages:34 File Size:1 file , 630 KB Product Code(s):30334783, 30334783, 30334783 Document History. BS 4449:2005+A3:2016 currently viewing. March 2016 BS 4449:2005+A3:2016 pdf download - Free Standards Sep 16, 2020 · BS 4449:2005+A3:2016,Steel for the reinforcement of concrete - Weldable reinforcing steel - Bar, coil and decoiled product - Specification.BS 4449:2005+A3:2016 pdf free download. CERTIFICATE OF PRODUCT CONFORMITY - ArcelorMittalBS 4449:2005 + A3:2016 Accordingly, DCLD hereby authorizes the above manufacturer to affix the DCL Product Conformity Mark to the above-mentioned product(s). for / ENGR. AMIN AHMED AMIN Director, Dubai Central Laboratory Department Dubai Municipality F-IC-2031 REV 11 Dubai Central Laboratory Department (DCLD) of Dubai Municipality,

IAN 70 06 Implementation of New Reinforcement

(BS 4449:2005, BS 4482:2005, BS 4483:2005 & BS 86666:2005) TS IA 22.doc Page 2 of 5 Oct 06 Reinforcement with a characteristic yield strength of 460MPa has been replaced in BS 4449, BS 4482 and BS 4483 by reinforcement with a characteristic yield strength of 500MPa. A third ductility class (Ductility Class C) has been added to BS 4449. Product Specification - GPH IspatBS 4449:2005 + Amendment 2 2009-Specification for carbon steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete (British Standard). ASTM A706 / A706M - 09b-Standard Specification for Low-Alloy Steel Deformed and Plain Bars for Concrete Reinforcement (USA Standards). DIN 488-1-Steel rebar - reinforcing of concrete (German Standard). Properties of Reinforcing Steels - UK CARESThe British Standards, BS 4449, BS 4482 and BS 4483 remain in practical use and were revised in 2005 in order to align with the requirements of EC2 and the UK National Annex. In revision, these standards fit within the requirements described for reinforcing steel in the relative Eurocodes.

Rebar Tables BS 8666:2005:User Guide

Rebar Tables BS 8666:2005:User Guide Notation of steel reinforcement NOTE :In the Grade description B500A, etc., B indicates reinforcing steel. Type of steel reinforcement Notation For diameters 12mm, Grade B500A, Grade B500B or Grade B500C conforming to BS 4449:2005 Reinforcing steel bars - ArcelorMittalBS 4449:1997 460B BS 4449:2005 Gr B500B ASTM A615 Grade 60 604 003 366 003 488 008 545 009 0,51 0.50 0.51 1 Only applicable to steel made by the basic oxygen process. 2 Weldability:If the actual carbon equivalent of a cast is less or equal than specified in the table for a SPECIFICATION OF REINFORCING STEEL BARSBS 4449:2005 Grade B500B 500 650 - 1.08 8~40 - 5.0 õìö îìö G 16 4d* YES d>16 7d BS 4449:1997 Grade 460B 460 - - 1.08 8~40 14 5.0 ðñö îïö Gíò 5d YES d>16 7d KWS GSO ISO 6935-2 Grade B500C-R 500 - - 1.15 8~40 14 7.0 õìö îìö Gíò 3d - íòD G 32 6d ïîD G 40 7d


STEEL FABRIC REINFORCEMENT TO BS 4483 Made by welding steel wire into a rectangular mesh. Wire may be plain round, indented or otherwise deformed, welded or inter­ woven. Pitch Bar size BSref. Main Cross Main Cross Description A 393 10 10 A 252 8 8 A 193 200 200 7 7 Square mesh A 142 6 6 A 98 5 5 B1131 12 8 B785 10 8 B503 100 200 8 8 UK CARES News - BSI publishes revision to BS 4449In response, CARES published an interim measure in July 2015 requiring CARES-approved reinforcing steel manufacturers to report intentionally added micro-alloying or alloying elements that are not currently included in BS 4449:2005. Following the revision to BS 4449, this standard now aligns with CARES requirements for the reporting of elements bs4449 grade 500b steel rebars, bs4449 grade 500b steel B500c bs4449 grade 500b steel rebars in bundles Origin:Turkey Quality:ASTM A615 Gr40-60, BS4449:97 Grade 460B, DIN488 BST 500S, CA-50 Size:8-32mm Length:6-12m Packaging:2 MT bundles. is an integrated and professional building & decoration materials

Steel for the reinforcement of concrete Weldable

BS 4449:2005+A2:2009 #$ This British Standard has been prepared by Subcommittee ISE/9/1. BS 4449:2005 hQÆRN« Q bzfxw QM 9N } iii This publication does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a contract. Users are responsible for its correct application.

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